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Types of Azure Blob storage:

  1. Block blobs – It stores the data objects like text and binary up to 4.7 TB. The objects are stored in blocks. We can manage individual blocks.
  2. Append blobs – This type of storage is like block blobs but optimized for append activities. This is ideal to use when we need to append the information/data to the existing data like logging.
  3. Page blobs – It is like virtual hard drive files. It will serve as disks in virtual machines. It stored the random-access files up to 8 TB.

On: 05/10/2019 15:17:40  
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Thank you for providing such a good examples.I request you to plz provide more examples related to angular.js{Crud using simple app using AJ,SPA simple ;without MVC.validation using AJ,Creating wizard using AJ,downlod file using Aj }

hope you will guide and give more examples...!

Thank you
On: 17/02/2016 04:03:03  
Viewed: 2437
HTML Helpers in MVC 
On: 23/08/2015 02:41:56  
Viewed: 1150
MVC - Page Life Cycle 
On: 23/08/2015 02:22:49  
Viewed: 1006
Difference between Get and post method type in Controller in ASP.NET MVC.  Read More...
On: 23/08/2015 01:20:57  
Viewed: 959

C# 6.0: Language features 

1. Auto Property Initializer
2. Expression bodied Function
3. Static Class Uses
4. String Interpolation
5. Null Conditional operators
6. Exception filters
7. nameof operator
8. Dictionary initializers
9. await in try / finally.
10. Parameterless constructor for struct

On: 10/05/2015 00:22:34  
Viewed: 926
Unicode Text in ASP.NET 
On: 30/04/2015 05:55:10  
Viewed: 482
HAPPY HOLI 2015 
On: 05/03/2015 09:35:43  
Viewed: 410
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