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Difference between return view and return partialview in MVC ?

Posted On: 05/11/2014 20:26:16
View return whole page including Layout while PartialView return only piece of html content.
Posted On: 05/11/2014 20:27:00
  1. Partialview generally does not have any Layout while view content Layout.
  2. Partialview mostly does not content html attribute like head , tag , meta and body while view can have all this attribute
  3. Partialview is reusable content which is render inside view(parent page)
  4. Partialview mostly used with Ajax request to process fast and update particular portion while view load whole page.
  5. Partialview generally process with mvc Ajax.ActionLink and Ajax.Beginform while View process with mvc Html.ActionLink and Html.Beginform
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